About Merry Language School

Merryland Education Group


Merryland Education Group is an educational service provider serving as a platform for top quality education and student care since 2013. Before anything else, we want to nurture our students into people who hold good character; we aspire to mold our students into individuals of outstanding personality and morality as well as imparting a sense of cultural integrity through a diversity of courses we provide. We commit ourselves to giving only the best, and we believe that by catering to the needs of all students, no one gets left behind in getting a better future.


We have a team of dedicated and professional teachers with years of teaching experience who are the best at what they do. Our teachers are caring and patient who have only their students’ best interests at heart.


The syllabuses and examination formats we use fully comply with the latest requirements set by the Ministry of Education.


Merry Language


At Merry Language, we strongly believe that language is a road map for culture as it is imbued with the traditions and identities of a society. Through language, we ingrain positive values of a culture into our students and open their eyes to a different experience. Mastering a language with us can open up a whole new world of opportunities for our students.

Who can Be Our Teacher?
Passionate about working with

children and families
Nurturing and has

patience with children
Possess a diploma

and has teaching experience.