Established in 2013, Merryland Education Group Pte Ltd is an educational service provider and we aim to create top quality platform for education and student care. The type of services we provide include enrichment classes, tuition classes, cultural workshops, conversational Chinese and Malay courses as well as student care centres in Singapore. Merryland Education Group has made outstanding contribution to individuals and institutions. It is committed to creating educational services platform for excellence – for leading international education brand.


Our centre’s mission is to let our students to have fun through learning. Our teachers not only impart knowledge to our students but also impart life values in them to build up their characters. The parents are reassured and satisfied when they see their children strive for excellence in studies in our students. It is our responsibility to ensure that the students are equipped with the necessary skills to face future challenges.


Perseverance, Sincerity, Compassion, Focus, Happiness



According to the latest Ministry Of Education syllabus and examination format. Progressive training.


Professional teaching staff, many years of teaching experience, with caring personality and patience.


Comfortable environment, perfect equipment, safety and health protection


Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, multimedia teaching, improve the interest and enthusiasm of students’ learning


The reward system, evaluation and reward outstanding students