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Dec 14

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need

On par with exercise and nutrition, sleep plays a very critical part in children’s growth, as they need more hours of sleep to support their rapid physical and mental development. Getting the right amount of sleep significantly promotes growth,but how much sleep is considered enough? Let’s have a look. Age Recommended amount of sleep Newborns […]

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Nov 9

Why junk food is bad for kids

We all know sugary and fatty foods are bad for our children. But little do we know the consequences of overeating (or just eating) junk food are much more severe than we may have come to believe. Let us have a look at what implications junk food has on our children. 1. Low energy and […]

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Oct 26

3 DIY Halloween crafts for kids

Make this Halloween fun and spoooooky by getting your kids involved in making their own Halloween decorations! They are so simple to make, your children will be happy make the house haunted and spooktacular with all these cute crafts! We are going to share 3 DIY Halloween crafts that is fun and simple to create: […]

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Oct 10

How to Unplug Your Kids from Gadgets?

Are your children too gadget-dependent?  It’s important for them to break the habit as soon as possible. Here are 3 tips on how to unplug your kids from gadgets: 1. Set an example Children learn from their parents; if you can’t do it, how do you convince your children to do the same? Start by […]

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Sep 9


The CogniGo® test is based on renowned dermatoglyphic studies that analyses the connection between fingerprint patterns and multiple-intelligences in humans.   Infographic on CogniGo®Test Find out your children’s intra-personal quotients like IQ and EQ. The CogniGo® test is a tool that analyses and profiles the multiple-intelligences in humans. The test can benefit your children in […]

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