3 DIY Halloween crafts for kids

Make this Halloween fun and spoooooky by getting your kids involved in making their own Halloween decorations! They are so simple to make, your children will be happy make the house haunted and spooktacular with all these cute crafts! We are going to share 3 DIY Halloween crafts that is fun and simple to create:

1. Paper plate spiders

Let’s start off with a Halloween classic, the paper plate spiders. Hang these any in the house and spook unknowing guests.

For one spider, you’ll need:

2. paper plates
Acrylic paint of your choice
Googly eyes of various sizes
Glittery chenille stems (cut them long enough to make 8 legs)
Paint brush


Paint the underside of each plate with paint and let them completely dry.

After the plates are dry, one at a time, put 4 chenille stems in between the plates on each side and securely staple them into place. Bend each stem once to make a leg, and then staple around to close up the plates.

Glue on the googly eyes of various sizes on top of your spider. Although most spiders have eight eyes, you can glue on as many or as little as you desire because it’s Halloween! Feel free to add other decorations like glitter or drawing on them.

Lastly, punch a hole in the top of the spider and tie a white string as though it is hanging down a spider web and hang them around the house!

2.Handprint paper tube bats

Don’t throw away those toilet roll tubes because we’re going to use them for this craft! These bats take fewer materials to make (maybe you have to use several toilet rolls first) and are fun for your kids to prepare.

For one bat, you’ll need:

1 paper tube
Black paint
Black manila card
2 googly eyes
Glue or tape


Begin by folding in the ends of the tube to make “pointy ears”. Paint the tube with black paint and let it dry.

While the tube is drying, trace the outlines of your kids’ hands (or your hands) with a pencil and cut them out. You can also try free drawing handprints and see how they turn out!

Once the tube is dry, glue or tape the handprint cutouts, thumb-side down to each side of the tube to make wings.

Glue on 2 googly eyes and you have a bat! You can use white paper to cut out a mouth or fangs for each bat, or make smileys for them although it’s more cute than scary.

3. Ice cream stick ghost window

Nothing is scarier than seeing a ghost outside your window on Halloween! This
haunted window is a simple and spoooooky, and it takes only minutes to make!

For one window, you’ll need:

6 large ice cream sticks
Black manila card
White manila card
Yellow paint
Paint brush


Start by assembling your window. Glue 4 sticks together to make a square, and glue the remaining 2 sticks in the center as a cross. Let them dry completely.

Draw your favorite ghost or trace a handprint on the white manila card and trim it out. Give the ghost a spooky face of your choice. Cut a square out with the black manila card for the back of the window. Make sure the square is slightly smaller than the window frame.

To assemble, paint the window frame with the yellow paint, glue the black and white manila card cutouts in place and let them dry completely before displaying your new ghost friends on the wall!