How Much Sleep Do Kids Need

On par with exercise and nutrition, sleep plays a very critical part in children’s growth, as they need more hours of sleep to support their rapid physical and mental development. Getting the right amount of sleep significantly promotes growth,but how much sleep is considered enough? Let’s have a look.

Age Recommended amount of sleep
(0-3 months)
14-17 hours
(4-11 months)
12-15 hours
(1-2 years)
11-14 hours
(3-5 years)
10-13 hours
School Children
(6-12 years)
9-11 hours

Sleeping enough is more than just getting enough rest, it’s about the ensuring their health and growth is in good shape. Sleeping well produces growth hormones that are essential for healthy child growth, and it also lowers the risk of obesity and diabetes, which may stem from inadequate amounts of exercise due to fatigue and lethargy.

Sleep helps with reducing the amount of issues with learning and attention; studies have shown that children before the age of 3 who sleep fewer than 10 hours per night have a tripled risk of developing impulsivity and hyperactivity problems by the age of 6. Children with sufficient sleep have better information retention and attention span than those who lack sleep.

If, for some reason, your kids are not sleeping well, take caution because it could be a symptom for underlying psychological conditions like anxiety, depression, and ADHD that need immediate attention.Their mental health and sleep goes hand in hand so make sure your children get enough sleep.

For better growth of your children, ensure they get the sleep they need and they will grow up to be healthy and lively human beings! Plus, aren’t they angels when they fall asleep soundly?