Why junk food is bad for kids

We all know sugary and fatty foods are bad for our children. But little do we know the consequences of overeating (or just eating) junk food are much more severe than we may have come to believe. Let us have a look at what implications junk food has on our children.

1. Low energy and focus

Our children’s diet has a more significant effect on their study habits than we think. Junk food is typically high in sugar content that depletes children’s energy levels and lowers their concentration for extended periods of time. Junk food also doesn’t provide enough energy for them to engage in physical activity. The harmful cycle goes on as their energy gets further depleted by overeating sugary junk food, leading to fatigue and lethargy.

2. Obesity

Junk food has high fat and calorie content, with additives that keep children hooked, it can cause problematic eating habits with children. Compared to those who avoid junk food, children who regularly eat junk food tend to consume less fiber, milk, fruits, and vegetables that are essential for a healthy growth. This causes obesity and malnutrition among children that can lead to more severe health issues as they continue to grow.

3. Lower emotional quotient (EQ)

Junk food can cause hormonal imbalances within children owing to its lack of essential nutrients that throws off children’s nutritional balance. Hormonal imbalances cause mood swings and behavioral changes in children, if severe, it may cause low self-esteem or even depression.

4. Illnesses and diseases

The high contents of sodium, fats, and sugar in junk food can bring about serious kidney diseases, diabetes, and heart diseases with an increased risk of stroke.

5. Memory issues

The unhealthy ingredients used in junk food have adverse effects on children’s brain synapses and the molecules associated with memory and learning. Excessive junk food affects children’s ability to retain knowledge as well as their ability to remember past events.

It is important to refrain your children from eating junk food. Use them as an occasional treat, and try incorporating healthy foods like fruits and nuts for a snack. Educate children about good eating habits from young so they are aware of negative effects junk food and overeating have on our bodies.