Junior Entrepreneur

With our Junior Entrepreneurship Program, your kids will be equipped with the right practical and applicable skills so your kids are always prepared for whatever lies ahead in their future. Our CogniGo® test can help your kids discover their potentials so we can find the best learning styles for your children and ensuring that they learn more effectively.

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How well do you know yourself?

CogniGo® is an analysis based on the renowned Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) that analyzes the connection between fingerprints and genes and how they tie in with one’s intelligence and personality. Since each and every one of us has distinct fingerprints, we all have our own individualities and intelligences. CogniGo® only needs to scan your unique thumbprints to discover your strengths, innate abilities, and nature of character; the test is not affected by your psychological and emotional states, answering methods, or the accuracy of the answers given.

Left thumbprint

Analyzes your interpersonal skills and relationship strengths.

Right thumbprint

Analyzes your personality and nature of your character.