Student Care

Merry Aftercare’s student care service looks after your child while you are tied up at work. We keep them active and engaged with our holistic programme so they are always learning something new. You can now go to work knowing your child is safe and in good hands.

We value personality grooming equally
important as academic

The best way to let the personality of your child emerge naturally is

  1. Performance
  2. Building up high self-esteem
  3. Responsibility
  4. Cooperation
  5. Highly confident public speaking
  6. Coping with stress

  • Creative

  • Friendly

  • Professional

Also through play. Play is the way that children learn. Playing games develops not only child’s personality but also other things like muscles, cognitive skills etc. This will fine tune your child’s motor skills and also help in building his/her personality as playing also helps your child in socialising with other kids which is an important part of your child’s personality.

Early leadership training

  • Make children’s learning, development and well-being the core focus
  • Address children’s rights and honour diversity of all kinds in positive, constructive and courageous ways
  • Build respectful, trusting, nurturing and equitable relationships
  • Build respectful and genuine connections with families and communities
  • Collaboratively develop a culture of ethical inquiry
  • Collaboratively create a community of learners.

MoE Qualified Teachers

Our tutors equip students with skills to consistently do better in their annual exams. These skills continue to empower them when they enter university, and eventually the workforce.

  • We pay close attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each of our students
  • For the learning process to be effective, students need to constantly review what they have learnt. Our tutors will teach how to take notes that are not simply a summary of ideas, but are effective tools for revision.
  • Tutors are chosen for their ability to explain abstract and complicated concepts in a clear and simple manner
  • Our tutors have significant experience in tailoring their sessions to keep pace with learning needs and school’s curriculum

While students ought to have the personal responsibility to be interested in learning, our tutors know it is our duty to make each lesson engaging and interesting.

All the content as well as thinking and application skills that we teach in every lesson is relevant to ensure academic success.

Effective Tuition constantly reviews our tutors’ performance, to ensure that our promise to you is met

Nutritious Meal

Healthy meal is the key, especially when it comes to boosting students’ concentration, focus and cognitive function. Nutritious meal helps students develop lifelong healthy eating habits. A vast body of research shows that improved nutrition in schools leads to increased focus and attention,  and better classroom behaviour.

Healthy school food can also increase school connectedness and reinforce to children, families and community that students’ health and well-being are valued.

Dedicated Tutor

  • Tutors work at a child’s pace
  • Private tutors provide one-on-one attention
  • Work on learning obstacles
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Get to know your child’s individual learning style and adapt teaching methods based on this.
  • Having a private tutor can allow kids to have the opportunity to overcome these obstacles.
  • Teach study skills, time management, organisation and how to prioritise, which can also be transferred into their everyday life.
  • Also convenient and tutors will do the teaching sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Cognigo System

The CogniGo® test is based on renowned dermatoglyphic studies that analyses the connection between fingerprint patterns and multiple-intelligences in humans.

Identify personal strengths and optimize the expansion of their capacity.

With CogniGo®, you will also be able to employ the right parenting techniques and styles. You can eliminate any potential misunderstanding by knowing about their personality, whether they are adamant or just naturally reserved. These clues can help improve communication with your child, ensuring a healthier relationship between parents and children. Children who grow up in a happy and healthy household learn more effectively as they maintain a positive outlook in life.

Enable lifelong learning and growth planning.

With the help of CogniGo®, you get practical recommendations and parenting tips on how to take care of your children. As you appreciate the reasons why your children act a certain way, you get to understand your children a little bit better.
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Find out your children’s intra-personal quotients like IQ and EQ.

The CogniGo® test is a tool that analyses and profiles the multiple-intelligences in humans. The test can benefit your children in many ways by finding out their IQ, EQ, strengths and weaknesses. Get to know your child’s inborn talents and nature of their character and discover their innate abilities. It is possible to discover if they are more inclined towards a certain field, such as arts, music, or sports. Your children will get a head start in life if they know earlier what they excel at.

Get awareness on personal uniqueness to avoid comparing with people of different potentials.

By knowing these details about your child, you can better understand their learning styles and assist them in adopting the most suitable one for their personality; they could be a kinesthetic learner – one who prefers hands-on and practical learning, an auditory learner – one who absorb information better through audio cues, or a visual learner – one who learns better with the proper visual aids like images and videos. Through that, you will be able to identify the best programs and activities that greatly aids in bringing out your child’s innate abilities and multiple-intelligences.

Minimizes self-misconception and boosts confidence.

Your children will be able to enhance their learning abilities, innovativeness, creativity, and academic performances once they know the right way to tackle problems and unlock the unique potential that belongs only to them. Paired with the right nutrition program and character development classes, they will be an all-rounder as they grow.