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Merry Aftercare’s student care service looks after your child while you are tied up at work. We keep them active and engaged with our holistic programme so they are always learning something new. You can now go to work knowing your child is safe and in good hands.

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Why revision?

Often times, as parents we worry about how our children perform in schools. There are many possible factors but how would we know which one contributes more to their stresses? Unlike schools, revision classes do not solely focus on student’s academic achievements; they help in breaking down the barriers between our children and their improvement.

Benefits of revision classes

  • Smaller groups make learning more friendly and personal
  • new approaches to teaching and learning
  • learning becomes fun interesting
  • enhance absorption and retention
  • students are less shy to speak up or ask questions
  • more interaction with the teacher
  • boost self confidence that helps in improvement

At Merryland, we take pride in building our students’ character first because we believe a good learner stems from being a good person first. However, this doesn’t mean we are lacking in the education of our children. They deserve the best and we promise nothing less.


What do we offer?

  • English
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Science
  • History
  • Writing
  • Chinese


Why Merry Aftercare?

  • We have a professional team dedicated to educating our children
  • We use CogniGo to discover your children’s hidden potentials
  • We have an array of facilities prepared for the betterment of students
  • Our teachers are the best at what they teach
  • Friendly and fun environment to promote learning
  • Nobody gets left behind

Don’t delay your children’s future. We assure you that your children can only get their head start if you put your trust in us.


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