Our teachers are dedicated to imparting relevant and accurate knowledge to our students so that they are one step ahead. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that promotes a well-balanced development in children, in both character and academic achievement. Merryland takes a holistic approach to learning so our students can better navigate their way in this world.
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Know your way around proper grammar and pronunciation.


Learn about matter and discover how it’s everywhere around us.


Learn about how we got to where we presently are.


Learn the methodical application of matter in everyday life.


Satisfy your curiosity about the development of the world.


Improve your communication skills and vocabulary.


“Merry Aftercare really focuses on instilling values and morals into my daughter before pushing for better studies. The teachers are extremely patient too.”
-WY Tham
August 28, 2017
“My son shares many stories about the fun he has with his friends at Merryland's student care. We are so happy that he’s learning well and making new friends too.”
-YC Song
August 28, 2017
“The teachers are really nice and friendly. I’ve heard a lot from my daughter and it seems that she gets along fine with everyone at Merryland. I can't ask for more.”
-Morgan Lim
September 11, 2017
“We take our child’s safety very seriously and we appreciate that Merry Aftercare has all the right facilities and staff ready to make sure that everyone is learning in a safe environment.”
-Mr. Tang
September 11, 2017