At Merry Language, our curriculum system revolves heavily around prospects that we believe, are the core of what builds an all-rounded individual. We equip our students with the necessary abilities that allow them to confidently connect with other people and construct healthy relationships. We want our students to be able to carry themselves with certainty and assurance. No doubt we will put building character first as a priority, ensuring that they understand what counts the most is the heart before academic achievements. With Merry Language, students will be able to hone physical and personal skills and face challenges with courage and resilience.

Physical Development

We train our students to be physically fit and healthy so that they are always ready to take on any challenges thrown their way.

Personal, Emotional, and Social Strengths

Developing these skills is important to prepare students for effective relationship building and integration in the greater society.

Knowledge of the World

It is vital to possess various types of information about the world we live in because it expands our views and gives us a different perspective about our surroundings.

Verbal Communication, Reading, Writing, and Comprehension

These are the key elements to attaining competence in language learning and ensuring the applicability of what students have learnt in the real world.

Subject Coaching

We are determined to help our students improve academically in all the subjects they take and making sure they can retain and apply the knowledge in real life, as well.

 Outdoor Activities

We want our students to be active and outgoing, and engage with the outside world and nature while interacting with fellow classmates in sports.